North Indian Classical Bamboo Flute
Jazz Flute - Balinese Gamelan - IndoJazz

Mindia Devi

is a disciple of Indian classical music legend Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. She began her training in Indian Classical Music at age 19 at the Ali Akbar College of music in San Rafael, California.  While at the college she also studied under bansuri maestro Pandit G.S. Sachdev and world renown tabla master Ustad Zakir Hussein.


In the years following she became a pioneer of the newly emerging genre known as World Fusion Music and co-founded the cutting edge, award winning World Music ensemble ANCIENT FUTURE with whom she recorded her first two albums now considered classics of that genre. Later she received the American Institute of Indian Studies Smithsonian Fellowship and traveled to India where she was accepted as a disciple of India’s leading bansuri flutist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.


Mindia is also a Jazz flutist of rare subtlety and range. Her initial tutledge came as an under age teen listening to the great jazz masters on the scene in NYC's clubs at night while attending the High School of Performing Arts. Later she studied under jazz flugel horn player Randy Masters at University of California Santa Cruz. As a jazz flutist she has pioneered a unique style and sound which is steeped in the sonic depths of her own NYC/Brooklyn born musical roots and her devotion to Indian classical music and the bansuri flute.


Mindia (sometimes known as 'Mindonesia') first encountered Indonesian Gamelan music while playing in a Sundanese Gamelan group at UCSC. That began a passionate love affair for Mindia with this ancient and exotic  village musicmaking tradition which continues hotly unabated to this day. She became a member of the first professional American Balinese Gamelan orchestra 'Gamelan Sekar Jaya' While living and studying in Bali and Indiania she completed her Masters Degree in World Music and Composition from Anitoch University.

Upon graduation and publication of a Masters thesis entitled MUSIC OF THE GODS AND GODESSESS; ONE MUSICIANS JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE SELF Mindia was awarded a FULBRIGHT SCHOLARSHIP in Balinese Gamelan music and spent a year studying various forms of Gamelan in Bali. Living in Pengosekan village she studied with the incredible and beloved gamelan leader and teacher I Made Gerindem of Teges Kaginan Village in Gianyar Province near Ubud in Bali.

Currently Mindia Devi performs North Indian classical music and IndoJazz both as a soloist and with many musicians of note throughout the world. She is also a leader of her own ensemble which continues to create and pursue new and innovative froms of contemporary music.